I’m an entertainer.

I take pleasure in bringing surprise to my players and grant them an experience they’ve never had before. From the humoristic to the horrific.

I experiment with various tech and techniques.

Whether it’s procedurally generated fanfiction, system-based narratives or the usage of psychological techniques to induce tension and relief, there are still so many different paths to explore to offer new experiences to players. I get inspired by people who push things to a higher level.

I love creating things both silly and profound.

Through my various experiences and work, I see this life can be beautiful. I’m driven to bring that sense to others.

Skills and History

Throughout my career I’ve explored various new and interactive media, from Alternate Reality-inspired educational games to website architecture design to online content creation. This has left me with a broad range of skills and a holistic understanding of product creation.

Over time, I’ve specialised myself in narrative design and writing, with an emphasize on high quality writing and applying various psychological and storytelling techniques I’ve learned through research and running LARP-games.

  • Fiction and non-fiction writing.
  • Narrative, LARP and ARG-design.
  • Negotiation for teams and clients.
  • Scope-creep exterminator.
  • Working knowledge of scripting and programming languages (such as: PHP, Java, GDScript, CSS).
  • Photo and video-editing.
  • 18 years of experience in writing.
  • 12 years of making games professionally.
  • Degree in Journalism with a speciality in Foreign Correspondence.
  • Small business owner since 2009.
  • Ran over 30 LARP-sessions in collaboration with various teams.

Find my CV here.

Public Writing Samples

“Oh, honey. There’s something I’ve got to tell you” – Twine (HTML)

Games and projects

Meryll wants a Cookie
A Maze nominated, 2018
More information
Mayor Game
The Fanficmaker
More Information
Cuyperscode 1 & 2
2006 & 2008


Woven Darkness

Vampire: the Masquarade LARP based in Tilburg. We’ve been going strong for 20+ years.

Tales of Aequilibria

A writing blog covering a science-fiction fantasy setting. I started this as a challenge for myself to write a short story in half a day.

Women in GamesNL

I occasionally co-organise meetups for women in the Dutch game industry. Feel free to contact me if you want to join the next meetup.

Volunteer Games Festivals

I’ve done volunteer work for various game festivals in Europe. Among which GDCe, Devcom and A Maze.

Smaller Projects

“Oh, honey. There’s something I’ve got to tell you…”
Play here

A Memorable Day

Play here

Jan 6, Sept 16
Play Sept 16 here