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The fanficmaker is a generator of stories that creates some of the truly most awful of fanfics out there. It is said to be realistic and true to the source of its inspiration. The user can choose a few parameters and fill in what sort of story the user would like to have. It then looks into a database of story snippets and stitches those together, based on the input of the user.


Until now, Lost again had spend most of its time developing webapplications and educational games. Initially, one of us was looking for a way to improve their programming skills and we eventually settled on creating a fanfic generator. We picked fanfiction because we're kind of fanfic fans ourselves, both fans of the good and the really terrible. And after trying out a few things, it was just fun to write bad stories and story snippets and see how the generator would compose them for us. It was also quite a joy to test our writing skills and see how creative and absurd our writing could get. In order to facilitate this, we had a rule: If a snippet didn't invoke a giggle or a cringe from the co-writer, it wasn't worth keeping. Fanficmaker also became the first proper application of a semantics engine we're developing for future games. In this case, it adds an element of controlled randomness and flexibility to the stories. For example, if you specify a drink, in one story it can be a glass of coke, in another story a glass of wine. It can even pick things appropriate for the era requested. Seeing how such a small element of surprise increases the enjoyment, even for the creator, has been quite inspiring to apply the same in future projects.


  • Automatically generates stories based on your input.
  • Inspired by the absolute best/worst of fanfiction out there.
  • Mix between template and procedural story generation.
  • Various sharing options among which a canvas-based quote-sharing.
  • Powered by a clever semantic system that picks the best suited story segments to go with your desires.
  • Supports all sorts of awkward teen and queer extravaganza as a good fanfic pertains.


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About Lost again

Lost again is a collaboration between Thomas Wrobel and Bertine van Hövell. We like designing things both silly and profound.

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Fanficmaker Credits

Bertine van Hövell
Writer, programmer, art

Thomas Wrobel
Writer, programmer

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